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Reasons to use Pro-Reviser plagiarism detector

Detect all types of plagiarism

We detects plagiarism in paragraphs where the sentence structure is changed, synonyms are used, extra words are inserted or text from multiple sources is combined.

AI and Machine Learning Technology ​

Our technology is able to find identical and even paraphrased content using Artificial Intelligence.

Safe and confidential ​

We never add your paper to our database. After the check, you can delete your document right away. Your document stays yours.

Who does Pro-Reviser Plagiarism Checker Cater To?

Everyone from teachers to writers to content creators can benefit from a check for plagiarism. It’s easy to compare plagiarized content and avoid copyright infringement.

Our plagiarism checker will seamlessly detect plagiarism, even if it is unintentional plagiarism, and display a fully comprehensive report that will show the similar text that has been found, the similar percent, and allow you to compare your text against any other sources.

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